Dec 1, 2009

Necessary Funny

The Ambiguously Gay Duo @ Yahoo! Video

It's cold, it's wet, and we can't catch a freaking break. In addition to the plumbing disaster that we are sitting on, the AC/heater just went out. It worked a couple of weeks ago, but I tried to turn on the heat tonight to stop the collective shivering of all human and cat occupants of the house, and there was no click - no hum - no heat. Tonight, I will sleep with three feline hot water bottles (family, schmamily - those cats know which side their bread is buttered on). Connor will sleep with Wiggy, as she is feral and his room smells feral, so it stands to reason. Marilyn is on her own tonight. Tomorrow, when she pulls back the soft warm bed covers to brave the cold cruel morning air of our icebox, she will be inspired to call to our home warranty company about the dysfunctional unit. That is the plan for now, anyway.

In the mean time, we are trying to laugh as much as possible to keep our body temperatures up, so I share with you - The Ambiguously Gay Duo.

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