Dec 11, 2009

Sneaky Scientology Bastards

I begrudgingly have to say that Scientology has made some fantastic commercials. I know this is a cult, but these damn commercials draw me in every single time I see them on TV. After seeing them, I'm aware that I am watching a recruiting tool for an alien cult, but I still feel compelled to watch. The editing is beautiful and the voice over is poetic and powerful. Thankfully, at the last minute the word "Scientology" reveals itself on the screen and the magnetic power the commercial exerts is magically broken and I am once again repelled. I hope they never figure out that they should Amway their way through a commercial, not revealing the name of the organization, but only a phone number. My guess is they would get more response from the forlorn, lonely, disenfranchised demographic they are trying to attract. Great spots, Scientology - but you're never gonna get me!

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Mike said...

It's a long story but I ended up finding this link to a series of interviews with actor Jason Beghe. He's a former member that I am sure they wish would just disappear. There are other interesting links from the page too. I believe this is the link to the third in a series of 8 clips. I enjoyed them all