Nov 29, 2009

Super H Mart

Super H Mart by Finijo

Allow me to introduce you to my new favorite grocery store - Super H Mart. This is the Asian store that Mrs. Foster introduced me to a couple of weeks ago. It was so cool, that I took Marilyn and Connor back today to pick up some more delectibles.

Tous Les Jours by Finijo

Super H Mart has a great little bakery, Tous Les Jours, with a lot of delicious and uncommon (at least in the average American grocery store) baked goods. Connor is partial to the Rice Balls (a kind of donut ball with red bean paste inside), and Marilyn and I like the Pumpkin Pastry. We can also recommend the Red Bean Bread and the Creme Cheese Pastry. It is all pretty different from the sticky sweet pastry we are used to, so we tried a wide variety to see what was good - turns out that we enjoyed most of the selection.

CD Stand by Finijo

In addition to a French/Asian bakery, there are a lot of little differences in the shopping experience at Super H Mart. Starting with the variety of aromas (not all are as pleasant as the bakery) to the high end make up, perfume and jewelry stores located inside the store. Most grocery stores have newspaper stands at the entrance that include free weekly papers, but Super H also has a wide variety of CD's along side the free weeklies.

LG Flower Kimchi Refridgerator

One of the things we found most interesting was the appliance section. In addition to the expected rice cookers, we found bidets and something we had not seen before, kimchi refrigerators. They are funky compartmentalized refrigerators meant to store kimchee, a Korean staple of different kinds of pickled vegetables. The refrigerator shown is a designer model that includes a flower motif and crystals set into the door handle. Even if you aren't into Asian cooking, Super H Mart is an interesting cultural experience.

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