Dec 14, 2009

Through the Glass

Through the Glass 1 by Finijo

While getting a shot of this piece of municipal sculpture, I noticed a window on the building that was painted over. If you are interested, this blog is best viewed by clicking on each picture in succession, to get the best view of the subject.
Through the Glass 2 by Finijo

As I approached the window, I noticed that someone had kept a spot on the glass clear, presumably to be able to look out at the world. I like how the car is centered in the clean part of the window. Serendipitous capture, but I like it nonetheless.
Through the Glass 3 by Finijo
I decided to photograph the window and whatever lay inside the building by taking a shot at each step I took towards the glass. Another incidental capture is the Do Not Enter sign from the freeway exit ramp on the other side of Main Street from this building.
Through the Glass 4 by Finijo
With each step closer, a little more of the interior was revealed, but a little more the world outside of this room was reflected, as well. I enjoyed the way that both the interior and the exterior of the building appear to be viewed through a veil.
Through the Glass 5 by Finijo
As I continued to shoot, the interior became more evident, and a little bit of me was revealed, as well. I did not peek into the building before I began shooting, so the excitement built for me as I continued with my mini project.
Through the Glass 6 by Finijo
The more of the inside of this warehouse that I saw, the more I wanted to know about the occupants. There is a pretty nice couch and chair off to the right, leaving more questions than answers.
Through the Glass 7 by Finijo
I did not realize how big the building was from the outside. Only after I began to get a look through the glass did I realize how cavernous the space really is.
Through the Glass 8 by Finijo
I was relieved to find that the interior was visually interesting. It could have been like Geraldo Rivera's big reveal of Al Capone's safe - completely empty, but it looks to me like the sparse contents of this building are a bit of a mystery - like a story to be told.
Through the Glass 9 by Finijo
This is the full shot of what I could see from the little hole in the glass. Now I'm really curious about the space. Is it being torn down or in the process of being built up. I will post more when I know...

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