Dec 29, 2009

Deep And Tangential Thoughts On A Cold Grey Morning

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I awoke early this morning after another night of lucid dreams that I was not particularly thrilled to return to. I decided to read the new Douglas Coupland book that Con gave me for Christmas, The Gum Thief, rather than try to fall back to sleep. I'm not far into it, but I am enjoying the book immensely, so far.

While reading, I started to cough and realized that I was lying on my side in the exact way that Grandma used to lay to read and coughing, just as she used to cough in the morning. I wondered if her mother or grandmother lay in that position to read in bed, also. I went into a stream of consciousness mode and the thoughts just washed over me. I noticed that I was surrounded by cats, but Grandma never had cats in her bed - Linda did. Then I wondered how Grandma kept the cats out of her bed. Was she unpleasant with them, or did they just sense how much she wished they were outdoor cats? It occurred to me that they were both with me on this cold December morning, and that made me smile. I smiled more when I the thought that they are always with me, and that the ones they loved that I never knew were always with them - and probably with me, as well.

At that thought, I remembered that the heavy trash pick up is today and I went outside in my bathrobe and sweats and hauled the last twenty bags of debris that came from the back yard to the curb, so that I wouldn't have to wake Connor. I would like to say that it was purely altruistic, but he is a teenager home and bored for the holiday, and I really just wanted the rest of the morning to be quiet and contemplative.

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