Dec 17, 2009


Terrarium Flowers by Finijo

This has been a month of projects. I have accomplished quite a bit and I have a pretty big list of to do while I am off during the holidays. Connor is also co-opted in to this activity, so he got to clean the top of the refrigerator and clean out the plastic containers in the kitchen. The terrarium now makes us smile, when the dead plants in it only made us frown before.
Wiggy's Private Box by Finijo
Our half-feral, antisocial orphan of a cat, Wigington Weslayan, got a new box to keep her from urinating in the spare room. She apparently can't share a box with the other kitties. One more thing ticked off the list. I still have to clean out the spice cubbord, clean out my tool box, organize my dresser drawers, etc...So much to do to prepare for the new year, but I am up for it.

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Marilyn said...

What the heck is he doing to that cat? He doesn't have to squeeze the poop out of her no matter how full of it she is.