Dec 16, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

New Furnace by Finijo

Just before the first freeze (and snow) of the year, our furnace went out. We have dealt with this kind of cold before when we were in the apartment and had the same thing happen, so we did what came naturally.
Furnace Replacement by Finijo
We bundled up, snuggled with the cats, borrowed space heaters and slept with baked bricks and stones. I learned something this time around - bricks are better. Stones have moisture in them and they can explode. It sounds like a gun going off in your oven. No harm, no foul - lesson learned.
Furnace Rust by Finijo
The parts and labor were covered by our home warranty, but we still had a hefty bill for incidentals. It was worth the cost to get some heat back in the house. The old furnace was from 1981, so I think it was well overdue to be replaced.

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Marilyn said...

"Stones have moisture in them and they can explode."

And they make our house STINK!!!