Apr 7, 2011

Stick 'Em Up Sneak Peek

Alex Luster and Tony Reyes photo by Hector Luna
I went to the Sneak Peek of Stick 'Em Up! at the River Oaks tonight with Marilyn, Connor, and Kusa. It was GREAT! Alex 'Pr!mo' Luster and Tony Reyes did Houston street artists proud, while also showing the opposition (city government and law enforcement officials) in a fair light. Anyone who knows me is aware that I have been documenting Houston's street art for years now, but this documentary goes beyond the images and introduces Houston to some of the artists (Give Up, Eyesore, and Dual, to name a few). It is a surprising (and surprisingly funny) introduction. The artists are very aware that what they are doing is illegal, but it is fascinating to hear their reasons for being compelled to continue to share their art in this manner. Stick 'Em Up! is heading to the film festival circuit now and I am hoping to see it play at the new Sundance Theater in downtown Houston when it opens. This "sneak peek," as Alex and Tony call it, was the testing of the waters for the film. After the overwhelming positive response in the theater, I can't help but believe that this film will be opening some doors for both Alex and Tony in the very near future. When you get the chance, see this film. Then take a good look around Houston and know that there are some very hard working artists trying to leave their mark (albeit temporary) on Houston.