Dec 23, 2009

Fish City Grill

Fish City Grill by Finijo

I met Mike and Bill at Fish City Grill tonight after getting a call from Mike that they had a snow crab leg special. Mike and I used to go to Red Lobster many years ago to eat snow crab, so I knew Mike was looking forward to it as much as I was. I arrived before they did and tried to entertain myself by sending Mike the following text message,

"they ran out of crab legs...table of 5 REALLY fat me finished them off. The owner is pissed."

Carrie at Fish City Grill by Finijo

I was lying, of course, but while waiting for an outraged reply from Mike, I started talking to out server, Carrie, and forgot all about the message. Mike arrived and was quite peeved and it took me a minute to figure out what he was upset about. We got a good laugh about it and had a really good meal and good conversation, as always. They have a catfish special on another night, so I will have to take Connor and let him go nuts.


Mike said...

That was a VERY funny joke. Bill and I still talk about it. Man I was pissed before I was let in on the gag.

finijo said...

I'm glad you didn't hold a grudge. I laughed all over again while I wrote this blog entry. :)