Apr 30, 2008

New Websites - Not for the Meek

Photo found on: clickhereforagoodtime.com

Seriously, if you are easily offended, or perhaps not so easily offended, please close this particular post - or at the very least, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS I AM PROVIDING. If you go forward from this point, I cannot be held responsible for what you see.

I have recently come across two websites that are in completely bad taste, but I have to share them with the world anyway. The first is clickhereforagoodtime.com. I found this site by accident and had to click on the link - who doesn't like a good time? I found myself laughing and mortified at the same time. The site gives advice about sex to anyone who sends in a question. The first two questions I read were from religious teenagers - already you can see how this would be a bit uncomfortable to read. Although the advice given was surprisingly good advice, the manner in which it was delivered was pretty vulgar (and funny). When you ask for advice about sex on the Internet, you can't really expect that it will be delivered by Emily Post. Again, the site has some adult advertising on it (i.e. porn), and the content of the questions and answers is also of an adult nature.

The second site was sent to me by my friend Mike. He wrote:

OK, I found this site and immediately thought you would get a kick out of it. www.deathlist.net The committee selects 50 celebrities each year that they feel are about to kick the bucket. Then they list their correct guesses as "Successes". The funny thing is, I found this site because I was reading some comments on IMDB that said they thought Angelina Jolie looked too thin and someone said she looked like she was going to die soon. Another poster said she couldn't die this year because she wasn't on the deathlist.net site. LOL -Mike-

I checked it out and it is a wickedly funny site. Again, only wickedly funny, if you can laugh at death (even nervously) - and you think the cult of celebrity is taken way too seriously in our society. Death is the great equalizer. The format is a basic list, ranking the expected deaths and giving the name and age of the celebrities on the list. There are some surprises, and one of the biggest surprises to me was that Jack Klugman is on the list for the first time. Wha? I love him to death (hehe), but I would have expected him to be a perennial favorite. They also list the occupation of the people on the list - Elizabeth Taylor's occupation is listed as "wife." LOL!

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