Apr 23, 2008

Dinner with Friends

Angry Shrimp Udon by Finijo

After many months of talking about getting together, we finally did something about it and scheduled dinner at Jennie's Noodle House with Matt, Caryn, Dave, Sky, and Sammy. It was over too quickly and Caryn, Sammy, and Sky departed to take care of Sky's school project. A variety of food was ordered including:

“Art Car” Curry Y Cà-ri Chay Vegan heaven! Potatoes, mushrooms, carrots & tofu. Served with jasmine rice.

Angry Udon Y Bánh Canh Chay Udon noodles, straw mushrooms, tomatoes, tofu in a spicy sour tamarind base with cilantro.

Pineapple Ramen Mì Thơm Egg noodle, chicken, sprouts, pineapple and herbs.

Grilled Chicken Ramen Mì Gà Egg noodle, chicken, snowpeas, onions and sprouts.

Jennie's is a good option for a healthy, tasty dinner around $10.00 a head.

Tea for Four by Finijo
After we left Jennie's we went to The Path of Tea for tea and desert. Upon entering the restaurant, Connor looked around in awe of the tiny shop and said, "I am totally getting a job here in the summer when I am in high school." It was funny, but he knows what he likes. I think he is drawn to the Japanese theme of the restaurant's decor, but also to the tranquility of the place. The atmosphere is conducive to conversation, so we ate and drank our tea and talked for an hour or so. The lemon bars were fantastic (as always) and I was told that the cup cakes (also lemon) were also quite delicious. The surprise of the night is that Karim and Michael showed up while we were there. It looks like The Path of Tea is catching on.

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