Apr 4, 2008

Art on Almeda

Totems by Finijo

Coming back from a meeting today I took a few minutes to stop and take these pictures. There is a revitalization taking place on Almeda Road and it includes little pockets of art. This shot is a little dark, so click on it to make it bigger and consequently a little more illuminated. I know I could adjust the brightness, but that degrades the photograph a bit, so I opted not to.

Totem Mosaic by Finijo
This is a detail of the sculpture. The columns reminded me of totem poles, and this was my favorite out of the bunch. I think the hands reminded me of when Mike, Marilyn, Connor, Sendal and I painted the Zen Room, then signed the corner with our hand prints.
Arachnid World by Finijo
I've been wanting to photograph this sculpture for a while now. It looks like it could be portending the takeover of the world by arachnids. Nah, that only happens in the movies.
Arachnid Silhouette by Finijo
The sun was not cooperating with me today, but I ended up with this shot that I think makes the sculpture seem a little more sinister.

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