Apr 21, 2008


The Editors Photographer Unknown

I have stopped listening to the radio in recent months, because most of what I hear sounds like the same emo crap from one band to the next. Every now and then I come across a band that I am unfamiliar with that sounds different enough for me to want to buy the CD. I got lucky this week when Mike surprised me by sending me The Editors CD. The Editors is out of Birmingham, England and they sound like The Killers with a pretty serious case of depression. The lead singer has a voice that conveys a smattering of Bryan Ferry, a touch of David Byrne from the Talking Heads, and a big old heaping spoonful of Rufus Wainwright, and they sound fantastic to me. I have been listening to the CD for three days now, and every time I play it, I like it a little bit more.
Photo by Esther White

The other recently discovered band is Vampire Weekend out of New York, and they are very different from The Editors. Marilyn and I saw them on SNL and were blown away, because their stage presence reminds us so much of Split Enz or Crowded House that it's uncanny. The lead singer looks like he is doing a Neil Finn impression, which is really fun to watch. Vampire Weekend's sound is somewhere between English Beat and Haircut One Hundred. They play very peppy pop that has a style of music that sounds South African (and maybe a little bit Carribean). Their music is catchy and fun to listen to. They have none of the angsty whining that I hear every time I turn on the radio lately. I am definitely buying their CD, and probably every CD they have after this one, too.

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