Apr 24, 2008


Bijan Waterfall by Finijo

I had dinner at Bijan, a Persian restaurant on Hillcroft, before going to my meeting tonight. I ate there once before, and enjoyed it, but I never seemed to get back there. I was seated on the patio and the warm weather was offset by some pretty powerful fans. There are a lot of tropical plants and birds in cages on the patio. There are also fountains, both tiered and a waterfall that add to the ambient noise and cover the sounds of traffic on the busy avenue just outside.
Bijan Fountain by Finijo
The staff are very friendly, and will help explain the menu to you. The food is delicious and it feels clean and healthy at the same time. I definitely recommend Bijan when you are in the mood for something different and healthy.
Koobideh at Bijan by Finijo
My favorite is the Koobideh, which is a spiced ground beef (or ground chicken) dish. It is served with wonderful aromatic rice and grilled tomatoes. The appetizer is flat bread served with mint leaves, onions, radishes, feta and lime. The combination may seem odd, but it is absolutely delicious - so much so that I ate the radishes, which I have never been able to stomach before today.
Immigrant Protest by Finijo
On the way to the meeting there were protests on the overpass. I was used to the "Impeach Bush" protest, but this was a new one. They were announcing a march for immigrants at City Hall. More power to them.

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