May 1, 2008

Volvo - Death Proof!

Bob Strong/Reuters

I am thrilled to hear that Volvo is working on a car that will protect its passengers in a crash. Volvo has taken this idea to the full extent of where it can go by setting a date for a death proof car - hallelujah!! Now, if we can get other auto makers to get behind this idea and also to get behind fuel efficiency (not just pay it lip service), then we will be getting somewhere. While we're at it, lets work on some other ideas (feel free to add any you can think of). I'll start:

1. Pollution free cars

2. Houses that won't burn down (and won't give you cancer)

3. Recycling programs that help turn our waste into products that can benefit the people who need help (building materials for low income housing, books for schools...)

4. Pothole proof roads - this is a no brainer to me - "We send people into space, but we can't make a road that doesn't get potholes?" (said with Yiddish accent - Fakakta road builders!)

5. Healthy, inexpensive school lunches served in every lunch room across the US . This should be doable - and NO, ketchup is NOT a vegetable! You can't make me believe it (really, you can't) no matter how many times you say it!

Feel free to add to this small rant. Oh, and Thank you, Volvo!

***I do get the irony that this declaration came out by Volvo a little after they had to recall cars due to an airbag software problem - but at least they've set a goal for improvement.

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