Apr 6, 2008

Connor's Zoo Interview

Pylon Art by Finijo

Today Connor had his interview with the Zoo for a summer volunteer position. He and I practiced interviewing yesterday and this morning, and he did well. Today it seemed like the world was conspiring against us while we were trying to get to the interview. We eventually made it through road blocks on both North and South Braeswood, a spontaneous gridlock on 610, and finally, a complete lack of parking at the zoo. We were shocked to see people turning around on the freeway and driving the wrong way, but even more surprised to find the gridlock break up without any sign of what caused it. The standstill was so complete that people were out of their cars and milling about.

Gridlock by Finijo

We have our fingers crossed and he says he thinks it went "pretty well." The interviewer asked him if he minded getting dirty on the job and he said, "I'm a teenage boy," which made her laugh. Getting a laugh in an interview when you are trying to is always a good sign (not so much if you aren't trying to get the laugh, though). We'll let you know the outcome, he was told that they will decide who gets the positions by April 28th.

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