Apr 28, 2008


Parquet Paners by Caillebotte

I found this on Craigslist:

Reply to:
2008-04-18, 12:21PM CDTHi my name is Sam, I am 21 years old white male. I am
looking to help people specially the elderly in their dayly activities. I can
run errands for you, take you for walks, drive your car, etc all I need is a
place to stay and food until I can improve my living situation. My car just
broke down so I can not go to work, right now I am living with roommates but
they are moving, I feel lonely and somethimes depress. I know that a good way to
relieve my stress is by helping others and at the same time others can help me.
I am a good boy, I have good references if you need them. Thank you for reading
my ad.

This is either a totally sincere attempt to reach out to both get and give assistance, or it is a diabolically manipulative way for this person to wheedle their way into the home of a vulnerable elderly person. Shame on me...I am too jaded to just take it at face value.

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