Apr 26, 2008

Friday Photos

Midtown Garage View by Finijo

While out in the community today, I was able to snap some photos. I am at this location often in my work week, and it never fails to offer me interesting opportunities for photos.

Midtown Lines and Stairs by Finijo

I was preparing to leave the site when the view of the stairs and the railing called to me. I was in a very linear mood, apparently, and felt compelled take the camera out again, before heading on my way.

Midtown Alley by Finijo
The lines drew me in, and every photo that called me to snap it today had heavy lines. Not much in the organic shape department, but I like how the power lines look like I was much closer to them, than I was.
Midtown Rec Roof by Finijo
This was the only photo that had some softness in the form of the trees, but it is still very urban and a bit stark to me. It was taken on top of a parking garage for a residence.

Midtown Midview by Finijo
I wasn't sure how well this shot would come out. It was impossible to pull further back (unless I could hover), so I was left with the option of shooting the door OR the bricks. In the end, I really wanted both in the shot. I am surprised that I actually like the way it turned out.

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