Nov 22, 2009


Sasaki by Finijo

Misa and her mother, Mrs. Foster came today to chant and do a home visit. After Gongyo, we went to one of Mrs. Foster's favorite restaurants, Sasaki then went to the Asian market, Super H Market on Blalock and got all kinds of yummy food to cook.
Sasaki Sushi Bar by Finijo
There is a sushi bar that is filled with Japanese chotchkies. I'm not a big drinker, but I noticed that Sasaki has a fully stocked bar with a variety of Japanese beer and sake.
Sasaki Reserved by Finijo

I love this little room, it looks like something out of an old movie to me. Sometime I think I will have to reserve the room, just for the experience. What a great atmosphere with the floor chairs and the rice paper doors.
Sasaki Main Dining Room by Finijo

Here is the main dining room with Misa seated and texting on her Blackberry. Just behind her is the karaoke room. If you are looking for authentic Japanese food, Sasaki is a good place to start. If you are looking for a bright, clean, and economical Asian market, Super H Market is fantastic, as well.

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