Nov 19, 2009

Dateline: Cats

Wiggy Sleeps Wierd by Finijo
Wiggy LOVES this old cat scratching post. She can be found nightly sitting on top of the post and leaning over to scratch the post upside down. She has no front claws, but must find the feeling of the rough rope on her paws to be a pleasant feeling. She looks quite
innocent in this shot, but beneath that adorable facade beats the heart of a killer ((shudders)).
Cats in Rays by Finijo

From the left we have Bodhi, Lena, and Saffie. They enjoy the window seat in my room immensely. Often they enjoy the seat just as you see them, together. They are usually thick as theives, unless Bodhi is doing something inappropriate. Notice that Wiggy is not a part of this little clique. I have no doubt that they would accept her, if she made the effort, but she is a strange and solitary creature. The only one in the house she has bonded with is Connor. She watches him when he is outside and cries at the window until he comes back in the house . With him, and him alone, she is a smitten kitten.

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