Nov 7, 2009

Street Art Garden

Broken Heart Garden by Finijo

This little piece of garden is a few steps outside the front doors of Brasil. Incorporating original artwork in a garden is something I find really enjoyable. It reminds me of when I once painted my grandmother's flowers. To clarify that statement, I used paint on the flowers in her garden to improve their appearance. I painted blue stripes on each of the petals of her with daisies. She was so pleased to think that she had a new species, she rushed to the phone to call the Arkansas Agricultural Commission and it was all I could do to stop her and explain the error. It's funny now, but she was so disappointed to have been duped by an eight year old with a set of paints. The only thing that was more of a disappointment that summer was when David (my older brother) called her and impersonated Tom Bonner, the newscaster who made the calls for Dialing For Dollars on the noon news show every day. David made the call and disguised his voice, then Grandma excitedly read off the "count and the amount," thinking she just won the cash prize, only to hear David start laughing at the other end of the line and say, "Gotcha again, Grandma!" Poor Grandma.

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