Nov 24, 2009


Best McDonald's by Finijo

I go to a McDonald's on W. Airport at Beltway 8 to meet with one of my clients, and I proclaim that it is THE best McDonald's in Houston. The staff are genuinely nice to the customers, the restaurant is clean, and the music piped throughout the McCafe is JAZZ. Not that crappy smooth jazz either - they play the real thing. Thelonious Monk, Mingus, and Coltrane. I mentioned to one of the cashiers that I was very impressed with how friendly and attentive they are, and she replied, "It's my job. They pay us to be happy." It was a little Stepford wife, but she was smiling and didn't seem to be drugged. I know, it's still a McDonald's with all that implies, but if you are going to a McDonald's in Houston, this is the one you should visit.

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