Dec 31, 2008

Brasil, Domy, and Street Art

Broken Heart Flower by Finijo

I found this bit of street art on a lamp post just outside of Brasil's when I took Dave for a cup of coffee yesterday. I like the simplicity of it and the fact that the heart looks a little like a Venus flytrap. Love does seem to be carnivorous at times.
Sidewalk Art by Finijo

On the way to my car, I found this bit of sidewalk art. I can make out the form of a woman, but the head is an enigma to me. I can't decide if it is a skull or a panda head...My apologies to Matt and Caryn for the inconvenience - my ringer was turned off from earlier in the day when I attended the funeral. It was nice to introduce Dave to Brasil's and Domy Bookstore. As usual, the conversation and the company were enjoyable.

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