Dec 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Evolving Door by Finijo

We spent Christmas Day with Mom and Dad. This was a rough year for us, so we scaled things back quite a bit, and found that it was a nice change of pace. Marilyn and I made our first Quiche (spinach and feta) and gifts were opened at our house, then Mom and Dad treated us to Christmas dinner at the Marriott Westchase. One of Mom's friends is a chef there and we got to meet him and hear about the culinary training program he is heading to Italy for next week. There was a great buffet and we all had a great time talking and laughing. Thank you Mom and Dad, for a lovely Christmas!!

The picture is a shot of the door as we exited the hotel. I wish there really was an evolving door. I am dying to see what I would become after passing through that portal.

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