Dec 17, 2008

Unexpected Art

Read (Photo) by Finijo

I had breakfast with Sky and Matt this morning and on my way to work, I stopped and took some pictures of unexpected art that I found near The Station Museum of Contemporary Art. I think this image is fantastic. The symbolism of the blindfold and the butterfly are powerful, but what is the artist trying to say? Feel free to comment with your ideas, if you feel the urge.
Gas Station Art by Finijo
I have taken pictures of this former gas station before, but there are some added attractions now. I love street art. It's temporary and it changes so often, that I think most people don't really notice it.
Shepard Fairey Images by Finijo
I looked a little, but did not find out if any of these posters on the gas station are the work of Shepard Fairey. If they aren't, then I have a feeling he inspired the artist who created them.
Mesopotamia Poster by Finijo
This poster is on The Station Museum of Contemporary Art. This is the next exhibit I go to see, for sure.

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