Dec 19, 2008

Sky Shoot

Jesus Saves by Finijo

Sky and I met for a photo shoot tonight after work and school. It turned out to be a great night. We started off with an attempt to go to The Station Museum of Contemporary Art, but we got a late start and it was closed when we arrived. On the way to dinner, I caught this shot of the Jesus Saves sign over the side door of The Continental Club. I have another more abstract shot, I plan to post on my Deviant Art site.
Keith Fernandez by Finijo

This is Keith, the doorman for The Continental Club. He has exactly the right look for his job - just very cool, unflappable, and a genuinely nice guy. Keith looks like he has seen a lot of interesting things pass before his perch on Main St. Thank you, Keith for allowing me to get this photo of you.
Whip It by Finijo
I have to be honest about this shot - I copied Sky's shot. I actually went back to Sig's after Sky and I had been there (to buy a couple of bobble heads for Mom and Dad), and emulated the angle that Sky had on her shot of this billboard/painting. It was better than what I had done, so please consider this shot as flattery, Sky.
Vinyl at Sig's by Finjio
Sig's Lagoon is just about the coolest store in Houston. They have an incredibly ecclectic selection of vinyl (look at the labels on this row of abums), as well as huge selection of bobble heads and other vintage toys, collectibles, and clothing. I LOVE this store and will be returning often.
Vintage Toys by Finijo
Sig's has the coolest toys. Most of the toys are things that would be outlawed by the Child Safety Council, because they are tin and have lots of sharp edges and parts that can break off and be choked on.
You Must Be Guilty of Something by Finijo
We had dinner at Tacos A Go-Go and had a great conversation. I got some good shots at the restaurant, but I think Sky's were better. I am only posting this one, because it made me laugh. I did a shoot there last year, so this will suffice.
Sky Shoots Tree Lights (and Cat) by Finijo
I just like the way this one came out. We were at the Menil shooting outside of the museum when we both looked down the street and noticed these trees beckoning us. Sky and I got some cool shots in the neighborhood. I think Sky is very talented and has a good eye for photography. I hope she adds her photos to her new blog (hint-hint).

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