Dec 29, 2008

Dave Shoot

Ivy Window by Finijo

Dave and I went on a shoot downtown and just drove and stopped every time something caught our eye. This ivy was really cool looking and Dave has done a really cool drawing of the photograph he took of it, which is now displayed on his Deviant Art page.
Jacket by Finijo
This jacket was found in a parking lot across from Leon's Lounge and we didn't have to stage the shot at all. The bottle was sitting there in the parking lot. I rifled through the pockets, but all I found was a cigarette lighter and a pack of soggy cigs.
Leon's Lounge by Finijo
We were shooting on an incredibly grey day, so the red of this pseudo phone booth really stood out against the pink of Leon's Lounge. I am going to have to go inside that place one day, it looks like something from another time.
Blue Agave by Finijo
This is a shot I took of a blue agave in front of an old house that is being rehabbed in midtown. I love the way that the new leaves have impressions of the old leaves on them. I also really dig the color of the plant.
Blue Pigment by Finijo
This shot is a macro of a puddle of dried paint that was poured out onto the driveway of the house being rehabbed. I can't describe how incredibly beautiful it looked on such a very grey day. If you blow it up you can see the bubbles, cracks, and swirls in different hues.
Featherman by Finijo
We made our way over to the Station Museum of Contemporary Art and I got some more shots of the art on the gas station across the street. Dave got some cool shots and even some shots of me.
To Whom It May Concern/101 Faces Ali Talib Alkayali (photo by Finijo)

The Station Museum of Contemporary Art has a fantastic new exhibit called Iraqi Artists in Exile, which runs through February 1, 2009. This piece is a large sandbox filled with faces that are shallowly buried. It brings to mind the mass graves that have been found all over Iraq. Each piece in this exhibit was carefully chosen and reflects the profound emotion that you would expect from artists who fled their country because of the political upheaval caused by Saddam's regime and because of the danger and hopelessness caused by the American invasion.
This video is called Born April 9th by Sadik Kwaish Alfraji and it is a stunning piece of videography. This installation is set up on several television sets that run silently and simultaneously. The images in this piece are riveting. As always, I will be paying multiple visits to see this exhibit. In spite of the relatively small size of the Station Museum, there is always a lot to experience as you go through the exhibit. James Harithas and staff have again out done themselves by picking so many incredibly pieces for this exhibit.

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