Jan 2, 2009

New Year's Day 2009

New Year's Day by Finijo
I spent New Year's Eve with Connor. We had dinner at Barnaby's, talked about life and girls, and watched a movie. It was a quiet evening, and we brought in the new year very peacefully.
Rickety Bridge No More by Finijo
I went to the Community Center New Year's day and it reminded me of how I spent the same day last year. It made me grateful for the year I had and for the friendship I had during that year. After the service at the Community Center, I went to Galveston with a good friend. We checked out the progress since Hurricane Ike hit the island. The picture above is where a wooden footbridge bridge once spanned the dune to the beach. It took me a while to realize that the bladder that looks much like a beached killer whale was the form the dune was based on.

Willie G's at Galveston by Finijo

After we left the beach, we had a late lunch at Willie G's in Galveston, then had coffee and desert at Starbuck's. I had a really good New Year's Day. I went to Galveston with a trusted friend, I saw a boy that I have missed a lot, and I took photos at the beach. I also worked on my goals for the coming year and feel like I am prepared to face whatever the new year brings my way. I am surprised at how much life is changing for me in the face of another new year.

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