Dec 8, 2008

I Think I Am Back

Sludgehole by Finijo

I can't guarantee it, but I think I will be blogging again with some regularity. I guess I just got a little burnt out and busy. I've worked on my photography and my painting a lot in the last year. I think it's time I got back to just observing things for a while. I am going to start by going back through my photos and blogging some of them - I will probably predate them, because I always take my photos with the intent of blogging it, then time passes and it doesn't get done. That way I can start shooting again and keep things in the order I intended in the first place.

Sludgehole Origin by Finijo

The impetus for my burst of blogging probably comes from the abysmal week I have had. After my best friend decided to betray my trust, I got the news today that one of the people that I worked with for the last three years died yesterday. I am at a low ebb and need to do something to keep my sanity. I really hate the holidays with a passion, but I guess I am still painting, but I need to use words again, too. So here's my first entry and hopefully, I can get one or two more on before I go to sleep tonight.

**These photos were snapped at an old hotel in Midtown and nobody seems to know what the hell the sludge hole is meant to do. It just seeps sludge, from no place in particular (there is no working kitchen in this place - that was my first guess). I feel a little like I am crawling out of that thing right now. Hopefully, the stench and filth will scrub off in time.


Marilyn said...

Wouldn't it be nice to think that it is drawing the sick and sadness out of the lives, hearts and minds that pass through there and filter it out through that one ugly hole leaving them a little cleansed?

finijo said...

Hope springs eternal - that is a beautiful sentiment. I am weeping a little and throwing up a little in my mouth as I think about it.