Mar 30, 2008

No Country for Old Men

I spent last night with Mike and Bill watching No Country for Old Men. I saw this movie previously and not only enjoyed it, but found it fascinating. The second viewing revealed details that were not apparent to me when I watched it the first time. I think this film is great. I enjoyed the performances from all of the actors from Texas and Kelly Macdonald (who is from Scotland) did a fantastic job as the wife of Josh Brolin. Brolin looks like he could become could start taking on the roles that Tommy Lee Jones would have gotten 20 years ago. Tommy Lee Jones and Woody Harrelson were both fantastic, as well. My favorite scenes in the film are the exchange between Javier Bardem and a store keeper - he is the epitome of sinister in that scene, and the scene between Bardem and MacDonald at the end of the film - she conveys strength and vulnerability simultaneously, and I think that is amazing.. Bardem takes the role of a psychotic killer over the top, without making it laughable. In a film of stand out performances, Bardem's portrayal of Anton Chighur plays like Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver or Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs. The suspense is taut, the character actors are fantastic and the plot of the film is great. Even after seeing No Country for Old Men previously, I was on the edge of my seat watching it again.
It seems that people either love this film or don't connect with it at all. This is the case, I think, with most of the Coen Brother films, but I think that No Country for Old Men will be listed as one of the all time great films as time goes by.

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