Mar 8, 2008

Derelict Buildings

Gash by Finijo
While out in the city today, I took some pictures of derelict buildings. These are some of my favorites. I thought that the sky through the gash in the facade of the Tennison WFO CO building was striking.

Tennison WFO Co by Finijo

This building was in the process of being hollowed out by a demolition crew. The inside is all gnarled steel and broken bricks and cement. I think the outside of the building was holding up remarkably well considering what was happening on the inside. It reminds me a little bit of The Alamo.

Rusted Pipe by Finijo
I especially liked the contrasting materials in this photo. The lush greenery that sprouted up through the cracked, barren cement against the red of the bricks (which look almost as vivid as they must have the day they were laid) and the deep russet of the rusty pipe was quite striking to me.
Stuffed Elephant by Finijo
I was surprised to find a stuffed elephant hanging from the bars on one window and a stuffed pink dinosaur hanging from another. Odd since both windows were boarded from the inside.

Iron Cross Window by Finijo
I thought this window looked like it was some kind of forbidding religious symbol with the iron cross in the center. This building is so solid and well built, that it is still very beautiful, if you really look at it.
Window Plant by Finijo
This view would look like someone put a potted plant out on their balcony, if it weren't for all of the boarded up windows. It was fascinating to find this building downtown has been seeded with all kinds of vegetation as it sat in decay over the years. There are parts of it that are teeming with plants, and I would hazard to guess other life forms, as well.

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