Sep 24, 2005

Rita The Morning After

The Morning After Rita by Finijo Posted by Picasa

The morning after Rita, this is the scene that greeted me when I opened my door. Not too bad, given the predictions. I propped the rose bush back up and righted the potted plants and went out the gate to see how the world fared in Rita's wake. The only word that can describe what I saw is anticlimactic. It's not that I hoped for mass destruction, it's just that we didn't even get enough rain to water the plants. Seriously, as soon as the wind dies down, we have to water the plants, because I held off watering them while waiting for the downpour and the heavy winds seem to have dried them out even more.

West View The Morning After 9:30 AM by Finijo

East View The Morning After 9:30 AM by Finijo
The sky still looks ominous, but for now we only have wind and some drizzle. The wind seems stronger today than it was last night, but I think we are out of harms way at this point.

Carport Damage by MEG Posted by Picasa

We didn't get a lot of damage, but part of the carport blew off and a tree behind our place lost a limb. I think we got pretty lucky since the tree was so close to the power lines. I could hear fire truck sirens throughout the night, so I know others did not fare as well.

Tree Damage by MEG

Tree Damage Close Up by MEG


Truth Is Stranger said...

well it is probablly good that nothing dramatic happened...

finijo said...

I agree, but you can't help feeling a little let down by the lack of weather that hit town. I don't welcome devastation, but I was really ready for some rain.