Sep 1, 2005

Life on the other side of work

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I had my last day at work on the 30th and my assistant, Tammey and my officemates gave me a nice send off. Tammey put together a lovely gift basket of home canned pears, greenbeans, coffee, a gift card for more coffe, and biscotti and Shannon added some home canned salsas (green and red). Apparently, I missed the class on how to loaf on your last day at work. I worked a little late, trying to catch up on everything I needed to do before I left.

I worked so hard on my last day that I spent my first day off in my pajamas. I never took a shower and I never went out of the house, except to drop Connor at school in the morning. I asked him if he wanted a ride home and he said, "No. Mom gave me money for the bus." He has started to enjoy his new freedom and responsibility. I pushed him about picking him up and he said, "No. REALLY, I want to take the bus." What a big boy. I sat on my butt in front of the computer all day and scanned old photos and a memory book of Grandma Kate's and then e-mailed it off to the Apopka Historical Society. It was really fascinating to see how teenagers in 1926 dealt with graduation. About the same as teenagers did when I was one, and probably the same as they do now. The signatures in her memory book were silly, but maybe a little more formal than the way we signed each other's yearbooks in 1984. I didn't see one single "Stay sweet!" or "Friends 4 ever."

Today I got down to the business of working on all of the errands that I have not been taking care of because I had to work. I dropped Con off, picked up his Rx, dropped off his Rx, shopped, picked up my glasses, got new tires, took care of my taxes for my car, got a haircut (yes, a real haircut - about 6 inches were lopped off), paid rent, went to the mall to pay a bill, and now I just want to veg out and watch some T.V. before I crash. I really should do laundry, but I am just too tired. Tomorrow, I take the car in for inspection, have the recall stuff fixed on the car (finally) and see if they can get the "check engine" light to go off, because nobody has been able to when I have taken the car in twice before. If I complete all of my chores, I get to stay in my pajamas all day Saturday - my fingers are crossed. Pajama Saturdays rock!


farmgirl said...

Hi there!
Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my blog--and for adding Farmgirl Fare to your links list. Glad I could make you smile. And you did the same for me.

Seems we have a lot in common (fellow Cancer)--right down to that annoying Check Engine light on the car. (Mine's been on for I think 20,000 miles, but I know why at least.) And just the other day I realized that I had forgotten to put "Broadcast News," one of my favorite movies, on my blog profile. I enjoyed reading your post--and three cheers for you for your Pajama Day. Hope you succeeded in your goal of a repeat performance today! : )

finijo said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I was able to pull off pajama day, so this week has been pretty close to perfect.