Sep 15, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Series Still Lifes by Derrick Flood Posted by Picasa

Bricolage is now one year old. I wasn't sure when I started that I would be a very faithful blogger, but I didn't do too badly. My blog replaced my written journal, which was more personal and more inwardly focused. I don't think it is better or worse for me to blog, rather than journal. I've noticed that I don't process as much while I blog, but I like the creative outlet, so I guess it evens out.

Not a bad year in retrospect. It was a little angsty while I was going through the job search and interview process, but getting the job made up for that. Marilyn started a new job. Connor started sixth grade and we got a dumpster kitty.

The picture I posted with this entry brings to mind so many things I enjoy, like mahjong tiles, a circuit board, and a Tibetan sand painting. There is something to be said for versatility.

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