Sep 30, 2005

Debacle Foot Repair

Miracle Foot Repair Posted by Picasa

Today I went to CVS and bought a fairly expensive tube of foot cream. I only had a limited time to shop because I had to pick Connor up at school, so I admit that I did not read the label thoroughly. For that matter, I didn't really look at the pictures on the box. Now I'm at home rubbing my feet with $10.00 lotion and I'm reading the label. The active ingredient in Miracle Foot Repair is MENTHOL. The only things I know that have menthol are Kool cigarettes and Vick's vaporub. I was a little put out to find menthol was the only active ingredient in the lotion, because I have been putting Vick's on my feet for years and paying significantly less. What makes my impulse purchase more comical is the picture on the back of the box. The heels on the feet pictured look like really ugly shoulders, and the toes on featured in the bottom picture look like they were placed on the model's feet backwards. I am a RUBE!

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