Sep 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita Begins (sort of)

Rita Rainbow at 7:00 PM by Finijo Posted by Picasa

I went out to check the weather conditions at 7:00 PM and the sky did not portend the doom that the media has been predicting. Instead there was a beautiful rainbow that extended from one side of the boulevard to the other. It was too huge for me to get a good shot of the whole thing, so I snapped what I could.

Rita East View at 7:00 PM by Finijo

Rita East View at 7:15 PM by Finijo
It's 9:00 PM the night that hurricane Rita is supposed to roll into town, but nothing much is happening. The weather men all said she'd be cruising through Houston at 6:00 PM, but all was still clear at that time, and it is still clear now.

Rita West View 7:00 PM by Finijo

Rita West View at 7:15 PM by Finijo
I thought Rita arrived about 7:15 PM when the sky changed very drastically in just 15 minutes. I know the weather people keep saying that it will be dramatic and harrowing, but Rita is taking her sweet time getting here and the waiting is exhausting for us. I'm ready to hunker down (yeah, hunker), but we barely have drizzle and the winds are only about 35 mph, so far. Click here to link to a time lapse view of Rita as she rolled into Houston. It isn't a violent storm, but the footage is beautiful.

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