Sep 28, 2005

The Good, The Bad and the @#%*&!

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I started this morning off in pretty poor style, when I could not find my keys. I used the spare car key to get to work, but I gave my spare house key to Connor so he could get when school started, so I ended up leaving the door unlocked. I felt like refried caca most of the day, probably stress from losing my keys and leaving the door unlocked like an idiot. I arrived home and I ended up finding my keys when I stubbed my big toe on the Dirt Devil I left lying on the floor and let out an expletive, to which Connor commented nonchalantly, "I've heard worse." I had to ask, "What is worse than that word?" "That word when you say it with other bad words. I've heard you, you know." Unable to deny it, I said, "You are absolutely right!" He grinned in the triumph that can only come when one has proven their point.

THE GOOD - I found my keys and Connor made a valid point.
THE BAD - I lost my keys.
THE @#&*! - My liberal use of expletives

The Good, the Bad, and the REALLY @#%&*!

Tom DeLay was indicted today!!!

THE GOOD - The indictment
THE BAD - Tom DeLay - he is rotten all the way to the core of his being!
THE @#%&*! - My liberal use of expletives as I exclaimed my supreme delight at what will hopefully be the beginning of the end of Sugarland's own Boss Hogg! May he get the full sentence and no time off for good behavior, and may they tack on extra time for his egregious redistricting of Texas. Tom DeLay is a pariah among politicians, and that is the nicest thing I can say about him!

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