Sep 17, 2005

Honey Don't

Honey Don't Posted by Picasa

I just finished reading Honey Don't by Tim Sandlin. It was an ejoyable and fast read, funny and perfect escapist fare, but not a very deep reading experience. Honey Don't is the tale of Honey DuPont, a young woman from Texas, whose sexual liaison with the President of the United States results in his accidental death by flamingo. The cast of characters in this book is varied and improbable, but they propel the story forward and serve the greater comic good. The characters include a washed up reporter, Honey's Mafioso boyfriend, Honey's ex-boyfriend (who is now a gay pro football player), secret servicemen, a homeless schizophrenic poet, the First Lady, the coked-up Vice-President, and the psychotic Chief of Staff, who is secretly in love with the First Lady. Honey Don't is a classic farce and with the right cast and director could be a really funny movie. Sandlin's writing style reminds me of Douglas Coupland because of all of the cultural references, but definitely a lighter read. I enjoyed Honey Don't and think most people with find it funny and timely, This book was a nice introduction to Tim Sandlin's writing, making me want to check out Tim Sandlin's other books, as well.

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