Sep 25, 2005

Clear, Sunny and Off for Two More Days

Sun Shot by Finijo Posted by Picasa

It is a beautiful, clear and sunny day. People are streaming back into Houston and some businesses have opened (mostly fast food and gas stations). I was notified by phone this morning that I am off work until Wednesday. HISD sent out notification that school is closed until Wednesday, so Connor is off too. Marilyn hasn't heard what is happening with her job, yet. Her office is located in the 4 block section of downtown that has been shut down for repairs, so, she will probably be off , as well. I can't believe I don't have anything to do for two days. What a surprisingly weird and wonderful way to start the work week.


Time Warner Cable Sucks by Finijo Posted by Picasa

I just need someone to explain to me how we got no flooding, no real damage of any kind, not enough rain to amount to a spitting contest, but this evening the cable went out. We have had a blinding snow storm on the screen for the last five hours, but throughout Rita, we not only had electricity, we had cable. When we called Time Warner (6 times so far), the line is busy. There is nothing on the website. I don't mean to be whiney about this (but yes, I realize I am being whiney about this), but we've been cooped up in the house since Friday with nothing to do but prepare for Rita and fret. The preparations were wasted (as was the fretting), and now the city is a virtual ghost town with no businesses open, and I have an unexpected mini-vacation for the next two days that I really didn't need, since I am still trying to get up to speed on my new job. Tonight the season premiere of Desperate Housewives was on at 8:00 PM and a new episode of Footballers Wives was on at 9:00 PM - this was to be a night of purely raunchy escapist television - and we have no way to express our displeasure with Time Warner outside of blogging it - since they don't have a working phone number. I guess when the cable goes out, having a cable phone is a disadvantage - someone should tell Time Warner.

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