Jan 28, 2005

Palm Problem

Palm m515 Posted by Hello

BIG tech problems!!!!! My Palm started acting up a couple of weeks ago and I am going nuts trying to figure out how to fix it. Somehow it changed the owner name to my sister's name (we share the PC and the Palm Desktop, but have separate palms), and it will not allow me to change it back to mine. Because it is not under my name, it will not back up my address book or my calandar. SCREAM!!!!! I will keep working on it, I but had to vent.

02/04/05 - Follow Up

EUREKA! I fixed it! I am a whole person again - my addresses, lists, and calandar are mine again- whoohoo!


Mike said...

I am completely sure that this is all Marilyn's fault.

Marilyn said...

1) You will always be "Default" to me, baby!

2)Mike Neff eats his own poo. I have it on good authority. He does. I will blog the photos.