Jan 8, 2005

Beyond Microwave

Beyond Microwave Posted by Hello

Our microwave died an unexplained, and unbelievably smelly death last Thursday. So smelly, in fact, that we it had to be removed from our residence immediately, because the noxious fumes were making us sick. Realization that we had become overly dependent on our microwave hit quick, because we continued to plan microwavable meals, when there was nothing but a gaping hole in the hutch where our microwave used to be. Today I bought a new microwave - you might even say an uber microwave. We are the proud owners of the Westinghouse Beyond Microwave. Not only does it microwave meals as well as any other microwave, it has a SCANNING WAND! You can scan the bar code of your microwavable meal and it will automatically program the microwave to cook your meal according to the directions on the box. While we may not need a microwave that scans, it was a techy gadget that was too cool to pass up. So far we have cooked two microwave dinners and two bags of popcorn for movie night and it works great! I am giving it my geek seal of approval.

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