Jan 9, 2005


Napoleon Dynamite Dodge Ball

Mike came over last night for Movie night and we watched Napoleon Dynamite and Dodge Ball. Both of these movies are about lovable losers who overcome their disadvantages to succeed. While they are both comedies, Napoleon Dynamite is the quirkier of the two, with characters who come across as depressed and somewhat retarded. The funniest part of Napoleon Dynamite to me was the amazing resemblance between the character of Uncle Rico and my brother, David. Weird character, weird brother. Dodge Ball is a bit more mainstream and formulaic. I recommend both of them if you are in the mood for some light comedy in a "revenge of the nerds" type film.


Mac said...

Let me just say that I live in Idaho and here, 9 out of 10 people you talk to think that Napoleon Dynamite is one of the best movies ever made. Maybe it's just because we're proud of it, I don't know. I think it's because we can relate to it. You'll find that after a while you can't stop quoting it.

The other 10% think that "this is pretty much the worst movie ever made." They are shunned.

Peace out.

Mr E said...

You have one interesting blog.

I now have a couple more movies to watch;)