Jan 17, 2005

I'm Not Scared

I'm Not Scared Posted by Hello

Io non ho Paura is our latest Netflix viewing, an Italian film from 2003 that tells the story of one boy, Michelle, who finds another boy, Phillipo, chained up in a hole in the ground. The title in English is, I'm Not Scared, which references the way Michelle poetically talks himself through his fears when he visits the boy and when he dares to defy the adults in this film. The children who act in the film are all very good and quite natural, and the Lord of the Flies-like ringleader chillingly portrays a prepubescent sociopath. The imagry of Io non ho Paura is both beautiful and disturbing. This film is a suspensful look at desperation, fantasy, and denial in the worlds of both children and adults.


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