Jan 3, 2006

The Redwalls

I found a new band that I really like, The Redwalls. They look like Blondie ca. 1979 (minus Debbie Harry) and they sound a bit like The Beatles, Tom Petty and David Bowie, which is to say, they sound different than any other band out right now. I first heard The Redwalls singing "Thank You" on TRIO a few weeks ago, so we ordered the CD, de nova. It arrived today and Marilyn and I both think it's great. TRIO only plays a music video or two between shows, but the music videos they play are unique, so from my perspective, one video on TRIO is better than a week's worth of programming on MTV. Check out The Redwalls.

1 comment:

Marilyn said...

My Ccoworker, Doug, says that the singer's phrasing reminds him of Robert Plant. I can hear that.