Jan 5, 2006

Pop-Up Book of Nightmares - Well, duh!

My friend Amanda sent me a Christmas gift that I picked up at the post office yesterday. When I opened the package, I was surprised to find the Pop-Up Book of Nightmares. My first thought was, "How did she know I have been thinking about buying this book?" It turns out that I am an idiot. Somehow I missed that a "wish list" at Amazon.com is something that everyone can see. I have a habit of going to sites to look at what they have to offer and "window shopping." I put things in the shopping cart and then change my mind about buying, so I end up shopping carts and wish lists all over the net, never thinking that anyone but me would see them. It's neurotic in a way, but I have buyer's remorse before I buy. I have a little eccentricity, but at least I'm not a spendthrift.

After receiving the book and calling Amanda, I took a look at what I had on the Amazon wish list and realized that there were 14 children's books, twelve of which are pop-up books. I was embarrassed that I didn't have anything more cerebral on my wish list, until it occurred to me that I should be relieved that I hadn't filled it with weird sex books or serial killer tomes.

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