Jan 15, 2006

Pastry Daredevils

I usually hate commercials, so I flip channels during the commercial breaks, which leads me to the oddest/coolest things. Last week while flipping channels and I found something I've never seen before on The Food Network. A show called Challenge: Food Network Pastry Daredevils. OMG!!

Don't get me wrong, these are not sculptures you would want sitting in your living room - they would be incredibly tacky in that setting. As the centerpiece of a party though, they are stunning fantasy pieces. For me they bring to mind a 1920's Art Nouveau feel.

As if seeing the pastry chefs racing to beat the clock while creating their spun sugar masterpieces wasn't suspenseful enough, they are then required to carry these delicate sculptures up a small staircase, across a platform, then down another staircase.

The jostling the sculptures endure is enough to cause them to shatter without impact. It is wrenching to see the hard work lying in shards on the floor. The winner gets a check and the honor of being known as the best, and the audience gets the rare opportunity to see a work of art from inception to exhibition in less than an hour. Very cool show.

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Mike said...

Food Network is the BEST. I could watch it and HGTV 24 hours a day. The Challenge series is really good. They had a Halloween cake contest that was really fantastic. But my favrite has always been the sugar sculptures.