Jun 30, 2005

Weird and stressful, but also fortunate...

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VERY weird, stressful week! It really tired me out. I spent the week trying to catch up after being in Austin last week. I also have a client who is brain injured and in a wheelchair who left a facility where I sent him for testing and he just disappeared. I never had a client who was so severely disabled disappear for several days before. I will check on Monday to see if he has shown up at his mother's, or not. She was supposed to file a missing person's report Thursday, but by Friday afternoon, there was no word on whether she actually did it or if he had been found. The client's mother seems odd, so there is no telling...
My friend who is losing her mind called me at work mid-week and actually sounded better. She is still lying to me about some things, but she sounds better than she did at Christmas, so the meds must be helping some. She thought I wasn't calling her because she was stalking a mutual friend. I had to be honest with her and tell her that I wasn't calling because I couldn't take the stress of her unmedicated. I have no idea if being that frank was good or bad, but that's what I did, so now we just have to live with it.

Steve is in Dallas for 42 days, so I am sure we will make a trip up to see him in the next couple of weeks. It's nice just to think he is in the state, even if he's in Dallas. Looks like he will be promoted very soon and his current project is on target, too. Very good week for him, but Gina has ulcers from her RA meds - that sucks. Now she's off meds and in pain. Not a good week for her, especially with Steve traveling. Hopefully, we can find some weird little town between Dallas and Houston that has some interesting photo ops, and meet up there.

Karim called and he got out of a bad relationship and got promoted to GM of The Standard in Downtown L.A. - very cool hotel. Congrats to him! Stressful week, but ultimately a very beneficial week.

The job opportunity I have been coveting for the last two years opened up again (a year after it froze). It isn't exactly the opportunity I wanted, it is a step down from the exact job I wanted, but still pays better than what I currently have, and would be a good way to get a foot in the door. I also was given the liaison position in my office for the employer I want to work for, so that is a good thing. I have my resume ready to send in on Monday. I am hoping this is one of those "good things come in threes" employment things. Steve, Karim, then me (cross fingers).

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