Jun 22, 2005

She's got high hopes...

Hope by Finijo Posted by Hello

The interview went well today. They say nothing worth having comes easy and I think that would apply to my interview experience. I couldn't find parking, and the woman who was supposed to escort me to the interview ended up hopping in my car to help me find parking. We circled thelot for about 20 minutes and I finally parked illegally in a yellow, no parking zone. We hiked back through the parking lot and through the building and then I sat and waited because the first applicant this morning made them late, so the whole schedule was off by about an hour. It is unbelievably hot today and I think I stopped sweating about halfway through the interview. I liked the building, the people I interviewed with, the program - everything except the crappy parking situation. I really want the job. I would feel better about my job than I have felt in a long time, and the pay is higher than my current salary, so you can't beat that.

After I finished the interview I got to have a nice lunch with Matt and Caryn and on the way home my "check engine" light lit up, so now the car is in the shop having the fuel injectors flushed. It should be ready by 6:00 PM. Connor will have tutoring and I will pack and get us ready for our trip to Austin tomorrow. Busy, busy week.

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