Jun 10, 2005

Bodhi's Assimilation

Lena and Bodhi Posted by Hello

They're still not happy that Bodhi has come to stay, but Lena and Saffie are starting to tolerate him and will now sit in the same room with him (which they have not done for the last week). Before I took this picture, Lena jumped up on the couch, hissed twice at Bodhi (who is barely visble on the purple pillow behind Lena), then turned around and laid down right in front of him. For his part, Bodhi is not afraid of either Lena or Saffie. They hiss, he arches his back and hisses back, then they run. I don't understand why it works like that when they are both literally ten times bigger than him (he weighs 1 lb, 7 oz.), but it is hilarious to see.

Patches by Finijo Posted by Hello

I noticed when I arrived home that there were several places on Lena's fur that looked odd, and when I checked closer, I noticed that there was a huge bald spot on her shoulder blade and several smaller spots that were losing fur. When I took Bodhi to the vet today, Lena got a surprise trip to the vet, too. The vet thinks it's some kind of allergy, so Lena got a steroid shot today. We're hoping this clears up soon because she is miserable and cranky and she's leaving little piles of fur when she scratches.

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Marilyn said...

Goodness, when I look at pics, Lena is just looking fatter and fatter. We are switching to diet or indoor kitty food.

what a little lardo