Jun 3, 2005

Time flies when...well, it just flies.

Too Fast by MEG Posted by Hello

Connor noted today that the first week of his 10 week summer vacation is already over - "That only leaves 9 more weeks. Man, that's not fair!" I have to agree with him, time does seem to be passing faster and faster each year. Summer vacation when I was his age seemed to last forever. I got bored after a few weeks and couldn't wait for school to start again, but he doesn't seem to get the opportunity for boredom, we're all just too busy. He starts summer tutoring tomorrow with his new tutor, Isis. Yes, Isis. In case you were wondering, her brother's name is Osiris. A very bold (but cool) move on their parents' part.

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Marilyn said...

You want fast? I'll give you fast. In 3 years (count 'em 3)
Our kid will be in High School.

*runs screaming*